“Fat Club”

“Fat club” a term I’ve heard quite frequently, and as I laugh nervously along with the individuals,I can’t help but feel uncomfortable with not only the phrase but the emotional baggage that comes with it.

As ye are all too well aware health and fitness and wellbeing (mental health)is a massive part of my life . Quite frankly I reckon the grinch would be more pleasure to be around if it wasn’t for it .

But here is my issue , in a society becoming more “health conscious” I use that term quite loosely and find words such as “body conscious ” coming to mind, is our mental health suffering? In our pursuit “to loose weight” ,“ tone up “, “loose the flab” are we jeopardizing our own happiness. It sounds quite bizarre coming from me I know ,but from my observation and before ye all pull out the Doritos and throw on Netflix and say ya Marie your dead right it is lol!

It’s our approach, terminology towards foods that are nutritionally dense but tasty as ….. are now called “sins”, your constantly critiquing yourself because you had a bad night ,you have a weigh in tomorrow night …. will you skip it and wait until next week! Some traits some of ye might emphasize with?

Mental health and happiness is the key, we all have so much stress in our lives in order for successful fat loss we need to stop body shaming,stop being so hard on ourselves,stop depriving ourself . Rome wasn’t built in a day small changes, baby steps .

“You will never speak more to anyone than you speak to yourself ….be kind “




A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor 

Well ladies, I’m sitting here in my Mrs Browns look alike dressing gown with a cup of tea …. Slightly distracted by my brothers pug (Mac) who is prone to landing me in  the height of shit and doing his business on my mums cream sitting room carpet😂 And well I’m thinking where on earth do I begin … Well for those that know , or have been following me know it hasn’t ever been smooth sailing, from day one as a child ,I had to fight just to get a pass in maths! I guess because of that I’ve taken that right through to adult hood and I’ve worked my ass off (quite literally) some days my ass does have a pulse 😂😂

I qualified as a personal trainer in February and had great ambitions ,I’m going to do X y and z ….. But it hit me like a tone of bricks ,I was completely deflated! I broke even just about in my first set of boot camps,the pts I was doing at home  didn’t even even pay me and I was thinking Marie ugh just go back to what your good at ! So I did I packed it in I’ve a garage full of equipment and I haven’t opened the door since ! 

I said I will take a few weeks out and just focus on me …but what has happened by focusing on myself … I’ve learnt more,my confidence has risen ,I’m feeling better . As selfish as it sounds the biggest project you should ever work on is yourself ! So I’m currently working full time on nights (like a RAT 🙈😂) and I’m getting my mojo back ! I reckon we all from time to time throw the towel in,choose the easier option but one thing we should never give up on is  our dreams !  

Life has a funny way of steering us onto the right roads,and Lord God sometimes u will be on that road in the back Arse of nowhere,with a “Sunday driver” in front of you who just bloody loves to keep tapping that break ! But I guess we just have to take our time and be patient and realise we will get there in the end .

Until next time 



Tea or coffee ☕️☕️☕️☕️

Well hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in last.Currently in the midst of my exams whilst also a few days out from my photo shoot.
It’s been one hell of a prep for this shoot 5:40am starts 5 mornings a week, a gruelling diet,whilst also studying to become a personal trainer.
It’s taken serious dedication and a lot of hard work and I’ve loved every min of it pushing myself to see just how far I can reach in the pursuit of ” the perfect bikini body “.

Interestingly enough I’ve learnt so much more than I ever taught I would. Are you ever going to be happy with your body?I taught to myself a few weeks back. I found myself criticing myself oooh I’ve cellulite on my left tigh,my lower abbs have not “poped” .

I had found myself falling into this unhealthy obsession with the pursuit of “perfection”. I initially fell in love with fitness because of the feeling it gave me those wonderful happy endorphins, which ye have so many times heard me rave about .

As true as this is still to this day,I can’t help but be concerned of the unhealthy relationship I almost found myself falling into.As much as I’ve loved the discipline and structured eating, I have found it impeding on my personal and social life.

If you are unfortunate enough to date me you will have discovered airplane mode this in lay man terms is when I am an unsociable little shit after 10pm.To me fitness and over all health and well being is a lifestyle and with lifestyle there must be balance.

So with that being said Sunday I will be going into my shoot not criticing my thighs, not criticing my tummy ,but instead looking in the mirror and smiling.

Because no matter what …you will always find someone or something to smile about.

Until next time amigos



Rule your mind or it will rule you ! 

Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind so train it well. 

I always say to my girls your training never gets easier you just get better. I guess this is a moto I often remind myself of,whilst training and in life. The older you get  the more life throws at you and I guess tests you . I have learnt to try , and yes I say try ,it’s not easy but try and look for the positive in each of these situations. In the last few weeks someone very close to my heart got some bad news.Although it has hit me hard, I can’t help but feel it has pulled us closer together. We have shed our tears but there has been more laughter than anything else.

Being healthy isn’t just about eating clean ,every aspect of your life plays a role. And for  me right now a healthy mind and positive thinking is the area I’m focusing  on . I have been working hard on keeping that stress hormone down ,going for runs,keeping up my training,practicing mindfulness ……and I found it in thee most unlikeliest of places …….TINDER .😂

I must admit I did absolutely cringe and taught look try it for 24hours , and sure isn’t nearly every second person on that yoke now  anyhow 😂.Soooo once I got the basics right off I went swipe right if u likey,swipe left if you don’t likely !Sounds simple enough but no1 told me about the super like button 🙈🙈🙈🙈😂 needless to say I learnt very fast 😂. 

I have been hiking , rock climbing to name a few, who knew the single life could be so much fun 😂 I have stuck to my training and clean eating with my photo shoot booked for the 20th  of November 🙈  So I’m constantly perving  on Pinterest trying to get some inspiration 😂

Course is going well , it’s all so new to me coming from a social care and Montessori teaching background ,I’m more used to personal care plans than nutritional plans but nothing worth while is ever easy I guess .

So there ye have it the canvas has a few more splashes of paint and we are on step closer to living that life I love ❤️

Until next time 


Goosebumps !!!

Hello 😉 Soooo  from the last time I have chatted to ye a lot  has happened.

 I finished up my job Sunday morning just having done my last ever night shift.Doing my reports it still had not hit me,this is it …you’ve done it Marie ….left your comfort zone,you know this inside out  ,am I mad ? ….Jesus Marie  you are actually doing this. It wasn’t until the girls gave a beautiful bunch of flowers and a going away gift as I hugged them all goodbye did it actually hit me ! Sitting in my car driving out the gate,I look back to see an amazing lady,mentor  and friend  standing in the doorway.I took a deep breath and smiled,time to start this journey little lady so I put on the radio ,rolled the windows down and gave the horn a few blasts for my girls in Castleviewhouse.

So that brings me to my training still training with the 3 musketeers and the conversation is no longer filtered for the “lady” in the room. Also it’s a good thing I grew up with boys,I  walk into gym after getting spray tan for brothers wedding  when one of the mighty 3 greets me with “Jesus your orange”!!!!! Now I’d say I went home and had 4 showers that day ,paranoid to fuck I’d look like one of Charlie in the factory’s umpalumpas !Needless to say I’ve grown very fond of the lads and actually  hate training alone now.

I’ve started training a few girls at home now ,going really well and loving mixing up my training too! I think the girls never want to hear the song “bring Sally up” ever again 🙈😂 Might be fair to say there was a few sore bums the following day 🙈😂  My poor dad is being an absolute god send, but I do think his thinking what in the name of god she is doing now, when he sees me running up and down the drive way pulling a tire 🙈😂😂😂😂

Last but not least I started my course today. Had my clothes laid out the night before ,my meals prepped and my bag all ready to go.Literally had butterfly’s in my tummy walking through the doors today . Said come on Marie now play it cool so I did….that’s until we where walking through the gym which is Massive to get to our classroom…..Marie turns to a girl she only just meet and Squels yes Squels “omg this is really happening …. Omg I actually have to pinch myself ” the girl turns to me slightly confused at my excitement and goes “ya it’s great ” in a mellow tone 🙈   So I bite my lip and try and retain my excitement for the rest of the day 🙈😂.

So ya ,there  ye have it ,I am quite possibly the most enthusiastic ,happiest, little lady right now ! 

Living the life I love and by God am I loving the life I live.

Until next time.



The 1st splash of paint! 

Like how do you even start a blog 😂 Do you start  it with the awkward and sad hello ? Literally sitting here going hello,hi,ahh stuff it ! Right well following on from last weeks drama, I’m slowly getting back on track. 

I’m currently commuting up and down to Tipperary to work my notice .If I get passed this month with no speeding fines il be doing very well ,honestly think if the fitness career doesn’t take off for me I could chance my arm in mondello 😂

Started a diet plan with the ever so handsome Mr Harte,Ladies forget  Ryan gosling  or  my much preferred Bradley cooper this lad  would have you weak at the knees😂 Right back on a serious note the  diet consists of 7 meals a day YES I said 7 ! I’m literally constantly eating it’s bloody brilliant! 

So with all that sorted I thought right training , where will I train now so I approached Alastair  again and asked him if he would train me ! For those that are following me on snapchat, it’s a good thing I’m a morning person 6am every morning ! My 1st day I rock up been told it’s a circuit and there will be 2 others so that’s grand no bother!So I hop up on the bike anyhow peddling away when  2 other men rock in !!! I thought to myself Marie are you nuts look at the size of you compared to them and your going doing circuits with them. The testosterone  was pumping in that room  that morning dam right I was a little tense Jesus I didn’t know where to look 😂 

A week in and I’ve settled in perfect the lads are absolute gents to me and I’m finding out all the local gossip too who knew men where such news bags 😂 I have decided to be a little selfish and use the next few months to learn as much as I can and make this dream a reality.

So with that being said I went into my local hardware store,to see if I could purchase a few bits for my sessions.Standing looking at sledge hammers and ropes ,I then proceeded to look at tires and measuring up a few sandbags at home 😂Needless to say ya man in the hardware store was absolutely baffled  which brought on my smirk 🙈 I struggle to control  this when other people’s reactions amuse me 🙈😂Lord God sure that rightly set him off 😂Are you doing some D.I.Y he says … ” I am ya I said” not wanting to get into it with him  my plan to absolutely torture the poor so and sos that sign up with me 😂

So there ye have it…..

The canvas has its 1st splash of paint on it  excited to see what the next few weeks will bring.



Life isn’t about finding yourself .Life is about creating yourself.

Share your story here it says ….. And I’m watching the icon flicker as words fail to come to my mind. Where on earth do I even start ! How much do I say … Should I not just keep this private and post loads of motivational msgs? Well I said from day one  I am going to be 100 percent honest . So honest is what I will be.

Life has a way sometimes of swishing you off your feet and carry you 10,000 miles in the opposite direction. It’s not until things start to go wrong in your life you start to examine the cracks that you casually brush over on a daily basis. I broke it off with my long term boyfriend of almost 5 years during the week,on that same day I handed in my notice and if that’s not enough I have packed my bags and currently living with my little brother.

As I was driving down to cork yesterday my car loaded up with bin bags  ,I put the window down fully ,left the radio off and for the 1st time in a long time I felt the weight completely lifted off my shoulders. I was always a girl with the plan, 2 college degrees ,long term boyfriend,nice house,nice car,good job ….but if truth be known I was absolutely miserably. So here I am 27 years of age jobless,living with my little brother and a single Pringle .😂 

“The plan “I have absolutely no idea the canvas is clear .