Who is MissFit ?

My first Blog ahhhh very daunting to say the least. Right here goes I am currently working with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.After 10 years working in this Sector I’ve decided to take a massive leap change careers and go back to college and train as a personal trainer! 

I wasn’t always a sporty girl,as a child I was the sub they would put on the pitch for the last 5mins for a run around or if they were badly stuck I’d be stuck up corner forward lol! In school well my god,I’d say I had period cramps every week to  get out of PE😂

It wasn’t until 4 years ago I fell in love with fitness,it wasn’t because of  the way I looked after training  but the feeling it gave me ! I had an extremely stressful job and if the truth be known I was quite lost in myself ,being adopted I struggled with my self image.I didn’t speak until I was 4 ,with a lot of speach and language therapy over the years.I would have struggled in school,constantly having to work harder than everyone else I got grinds in maths from the age of 6 right up to my leaving cert.

However I  am blessed to have found such an amazing family and my mum in particular my best friend pushed me constantly to become the best version of me .I went to college to study social care and then went on to study Montessori teaching .

In 2012 myself and a friend decided to join a gym and that was the start of it .I would come off night duty and go to the gym…sounds crazy but the release I got from a workout was unreal .I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders the min I entered the gym and my mood changed instantly …yup those wonderful endorphins.I was hooked the feeling exercise gives me is insane.

It hasn’t been always  been smooth sailing , But that’s life I guess ,we have our ups and downs  and many a night I cried myself to sleep but it  has been my fitness that has made me the strong confident woman I am today . Corny as it sounds but “the stronger I got ….the stronger I got “.


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