Life isn’t about finding yourself .Life is about creating yourself.

Share your story here it says ….. And I’m watching the icon flicker as words fail to come to my mind. Where on earth do I even start ! How much do I say … Should I not just keep this private and post loads of motivational msgs? Well I said from day one  I am going to be 100 percent honest . So honest is what I will be.

Life has a way sometimes of swishing you off your feet and carry you 10,000 miles in the opposite direction. It’s not until things start to go wrong in your life you start to examine the cracks that you casually brush over on a daily basis. I broke it off with my long term boyfriend of almost 5 years during the week,on that same day I handed in my notice and if that’s not enough I have packed my bags and currently living with my little brother.

As I was driving down to cork yesterday my car loaded up with bin bags  ,I put the window down fully ,left the radio off and for the 1st time in a long time I felt the weight completely lifted off my shoulders. I was always a girl with the plan, 2 college degrees ,long term boyfriend,nice house,nice car,good job ….but if truth be known I was absolutely miserably. So here I am 27 years of age jobless,living with my little brother and a single Pringle .😂 

“The plan “I have absolutely no idea the canvas is clear .




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