Goosebumps !!!

Hello 😉 Soooo  from the last time I have chatted to ye a lot  has happened.

 I finished up my job Sunday morning just having done my last ever night shift.Doing my reports it still had not hit me,this is it …you’ve done it Marie ….left your comfort zone,you know this inside out  ,am I mad ? ….Jesus Marie  you are actually doing this. It wasn’t until the girls gave a beautiful bunch of flowers and a going away gift as I hugged them all goodbye did it actually hit me ! Sitting in my car driving out the gate,I look back to see an amazing lady,mentor  and friend  standing in the doorway.I took a deep breath and smiled,time to start this journey little lady so I put on the radio ,rolled the windows down and gave the horn a few blasts for my girls in Castleviewhouse.

So that brings me to my training still training with the 3 musketeers and the conversation is no longer filtered for the “lady” in the room. Also it’s a good thing I grew up with boys,I  walk into gym after getting spray tan for brothers wedding  when one of the mighty 3 greets me with “Jesus your orange”!!!!! Now I’d say I went home and had 4 showers that day ,paranoid to fuck I’d look like one of Charlie in the factory’s umpalumpas !Needless to say I’ve grown very fond of the lads and actually  hate training alone now.

I’ve started training a few girls at home now ,going really well and loving mixing up my training too! I think the girls never want to hear the song “bring Sally up” ever again 🙈😂 Might be fair to say there was a few sore bums the following day 🙈😂  My poor dad is being an absolute god send, but I do think his thinking what in the name of god she is doing now, when he sees me running up and down the drive way pulling a tire 🙈😂😂😂😂

Last but not least I started my course today. Had my clothes laid out the night before ,my meals prepped and my bag all ready to go.Literally had butterfly’s in my tummy walking through the doors today . Said come on Marie now play it cool so I did….that’s until we where walking through the gym which is Massive to get to our classroom…..Marie turns to a girl she only just meet and Squels yes Squels “omg this is really happening …. Omg I actually have to pinch myself ” the girl turns to me slightly confused at my excitement and goes “ya it’s great ” in a mellow tone 🙈   So I bite my lip and try and retain my excitement for the rest of the day 🙈😂.

So ya ,there  ye have it ,I am quite possibly the most enthusiastic ,happiest, little lady right now ! 

Living the life I love and by God am I loving the life I live.

Until next time.




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