Rule your mind or it will rule you ! 

Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind so train it well. 

I always say to my girls your training never gets easier you just get better. I guess this is a moto I often remind myself of,whilst training and in life. The older you get  the more life throws at you and I guess tests you . I have learnt to try , and yes I say try ,it’s not easy but try and look for the positive in each of these situations. In the last few weeks someone very close to my heart got some bad news.Although it has hit me hard, I can’t help but feel it has pulled us closer together. We have shed our tears but there has been more laughter than anything else.

Being healthy isn’t just about eating clean ,every aspect of your life plays a role. And for  me right now a healthy mind and positive thinking is the area I’m focusing  on . I have been working hard on keeping that stress hormone down ,going for runs,keeping up my training,practicing mindfulness ……and I found it in thee most unlikeliest of places …….TINDER .😂

I must admit I did absolutely cringe and taught look try it for 24hours , and sure isn’t nearly every second person on that yoke now  anyhow 😂.Soooo once I got the basics right off I went swipe right if u likey,swipe left if you don’t likely !Sounds simple enough but no1 told me about the super like button 🙈🙈🙈🙈😂 needless to say I learnt very fast 😂. 

I have been hiking , rock climbing to name a few, who knew the single life could be so much fun 😂 I have stuck to my training and clean eating with my photo shoot booked for the 20th  of November 🙈  So I’m constantly perving  on Pinterest trying to get some inspiration 😂

Course is going well , it’s all so new to me coming from a social care and Montessori teaching background ,I’m more used to personal care plans than nutritional plans but nothing worth while is ever easy I guess .

So there ye have it the canvas has a few more splashes of paint and we are on step closer to living that life I love ❤️

Until next time 



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