A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor 

Well ladies, I’m sitting here in my Mrs Browns look alike dressing gown with a cup of tea …. Slightly distracted by my brothers pug (Mac) who is prone to landing me in  the height of shit and doing his business on my mums cream sitting room carpet😂 And well I’m thinking where on earth do I begin … Well for those that know , or have been following me know it hasn’t ever been smooth sailing, from day one as a child ,I had to fight just to get a pass in maths! I guess because of that I’ve taken that right through to adult hood and I’ve worked my ass off (quite literally) some days my ass does have a pulse 😂😂

I qualified as a personal trainer in February and had great ambitions ,I’m going to do X y and z ….. But it hit me like a tone of bricks ,I was completely deflated! I broke even just about in my first set of boot camps,the pts I was doing at home  didn’t even even pay me and I was thinking Marie ugh just go back to what your good at ! So I did I packed it in I’ve a garage full of equipment and I haven’t opened the door since ! 

I said I will take a few weeks out and just focus on me …but what has happened by focusing on myself … I’ve learnt more,my confidence has risen ,I’m feeling better . As selfish as it sounds the biggest project you should ever work on is yourself ! So I’m currently working full time on nights (like a RAT 🙈😂) and I’m getting my mojo back ! I reckon we all from time to time throw the towel in,choose the easier option but one thing we should never give up on is  our dreams !  

Life has a funny way of steering us onto the right roads,and Lord God sometimes u will be on that road in the back Arse of nowhere,with a “Sunday driver” in front of you who just bloody loves to keep tapping that break ! But I guess we just have to take our time and be patient and realise we will get there in the end .

Until next time 




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