“Fat Club”

“Fat club” a term I’ve heard quite frequently, and as I laugh nervously along with the individuals,I can’t help but feel uncomfortable with not only the phrase but the emotional baggage that comes with it.

As ye are all too well aware health and fitness and wellbeing (mental health)is a massive part of my life . Quite frankly I reckon the grinch would be more pleasure to be around if it wasn’t for it .

But here is my issue , in a society becoming more “health conscious” I use that term quite loosely and find words such as “body conscious ” coming to mind, is our mental health suffering? In our pursuit “to loose weight” ,“ tone up “, “loose the flab” are we jeopardizing our own happiness. It sounds quite bizarre coming from me I know ,but from my observation and before ye all pull out the Doritos and throw on Netflix and say ya Marie your dead right it is lol!

It’s our approach, terminology towards foods that are nutritionally dense but tasty as ….. are now called “sins”, your constantly critiquing yourself because you had a bad night ,you have a weigh in tomorrow night …. will you skip it and wait until next week! Some traits some of ye might emphasize with?

Mental health and happiness is the key, we all have so much stress in our lives in order for successful fat loss we need to stop body shaming,stop being so hard on ourselves,stop depriving ourself . Rome wasn’t built in a day small changes, baby steps .

“You will never speak more to anyone than you speak to yourself ….be kind “




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